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Longview is proud to be recognized as a regional hub for financial services, world-class healthcare, and consumer product manufacturing.  Longview is home to over 85,000 people and is known as a place where businesses succeed, families flourish, and the life balance most can only dream of is a reality.

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When you work in Longview you WILL enjoy the natural beauty of East Texas!  We are known for providing a high quality of life with a relaxed atmosphere.  Families feel safe! Parents know children of all ages have access to a great education.  Adults have access to higher-ed opportunities.  Our way of life is appealing to families who believe in family first.  This is one of the myriads of reasons why businesses continue to expand and relocate to our area – our values—our natural beauty—our get things done attitude! 

Working in Longview allows residents to connect with the region’s hub for services and amenities. Our area offers many qualities key to economic success, including a hard working and well-educated workforce, a diverse economy, and an unquestionably pro-business climate.

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How can we help you connect?  Longview is committed to supporting and growing our dynamic economy by attracting talent and companies that value hard work, loyalty, and getting the job done right.  We are here for you.  We invite you to come breathe our fresh air, enjoy the area lakes, explore the trails and sites, and see what Longview has to offer!

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Longview Businesses & Industries

Longview businesses are committed to supporting and growing a dynamic economy. They know this reality only occurs because of a talented and hardworking labor force. Businesses know their number 1 asset is human capital. Enjoy a sample of the types of business that call Longview home. Will you?